Ugly As Sin - 'James Newman',  'Shock Totem' Crawlspace - Evans Light Kill the Dead  - Richard Kadrey

UGLY AS SIN, by James Newman, easily takes the spot of my favorite February read. Second place goes to CRAWLSPACE, by Evans Light, and then Richard Kadrey's KILL THE DEAD.


Honorable mentions: Isaac Marion's WARM BODIES, Charles Martin's WHEN CRICKETS CRY, and new-to-me author Gregory Xane's SIX DEAD SPOTS.


Unfortunately, February also saw to it that I added three DNFs to 2014. SAVANT, by Chris Martinez pissed me off because the author lied to me, saying his book had horror elements just so I would add it to my TBR. Brandon Sanderson's STEELHEART severely disappointed me, to the point I wanted to thug-punch an infant. And finally, the waste of paper that is COFFIN COUNTY. 


I read 17 books last month (well, 12 novels and 5 novellas), far surpassing my previous record of 9 books in a single month. 


Starting this month (March) I will be tackling longer novels, Come April, I won't be reading anything under 500 pages. If I can keep up this pace, I should be on track to destroy my goal of 52 books in 52 weeks. Wish me luck. 

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