Firing Train (Heroes Among Men) - Ben Coleman

A guy named Ben Coleman, a Navy vet, wrote a short story titled Firing Train. The story is part of a collection called Carry the Colors. I will talk some on the collection after the story review.


Firing Train is a story of a Marine EOD(Explosive Ordinance Disposal) specialist on a distant planet doing his job in the midst of an alien invasion. I'll stop there. It is a short story and anything more would be a spoiler. 


I enjoyed this story. The protagonist was well developed considering the short time we spend with him. Ben Coleman's own military experience really help to make this story feel authentic. The lingo and interaction between the military persons make me long for the days when I doned a uniform. Overall a good story in an interesting setting. I recommend you give it a read though and decide for yourself.


Now on to the Carrey the Colors project.


What is it you ask? Well I'm glad you did. So Ben is looking for veteran patrons. These former, active, or reserve service members will become immortalized in fiction. Ben has combined a futuristic off world setting with actual historical battles and a real life war hero or two. The patron will be featured performing the job they did or do in the service. So it's not just about a grunt and his rifle on the battle fied. It could be a cook or a radio operator. How he/she impacts the war and how he/she is in turn affected. 


There are books for each branch of service featuring the heroic acts of real life men and women. I think it's a great project worthy of attention. To top it off Ben has decided to donate a book to an injured service member for every book sold. That's awesome. I suggest you go to Ben's site and see what he has to say about it.