Aloha from Hell: A Sandman Slim Novel - Richard Kadrey

Aloha from Hell by Richard Kadrey


In the interest of full disclosure, let me start by saying I love the Hades out of Sandman Slim. I just finished reading the fourth book in the series so I have decided to give a little sample of how the first three affected me before talking about the latest one I read.


Book 1: Sandman Slim

Oh damn, this is good! Wait… is this present tense? Oh damn, it is, but it’s sooooo good. Screw it, read on.


Book 2: Kill the Dead

Oh no not zombies. Really? Huh? Did that zombie just talk? Can’t stop reading….


Book 3: Aloha from Hell

OMG she’s back! OMG she’s back! OMG she’s back! What the What? Did Sandman Slim just say what I thought he said? Yup, Sandman Slim is officially my mutha-fuckin Hero!


Book 4: Devil Said Bang

Damn! It just keeps on going. How the heck does he do it? I almost expect my interest in this series to start to wane by now, but no. Richard Kadrey just keeps pulling me back in.

Sandman Slim, or Stark as he prefers to be addressed, is not a nice guy. Not to say he’s evil, because he’s not. From day one Stark has been dealt a shitty hand and the crap cards just keep coming. Stark makes decisions that are not always the nicest or politically correct… Who am I kidding, he’s a fucking dick. That’s part of his charm. He does the right thing for the sake of doing it, but he does it his way. If you have a problem with that, you can go fuck yourself as far as he is concerned. This, in my opinion, is one of the things that make him a good character. Add on the fact that the author has done a stellar job of writing this book in present tense, and just writing it period, and you have a book well worth your time. Assuming you don’t have a problem with the word fuck. If you don’t like the word fuck, don’t fucking read it.