After realizing how difficult it is to find new blogs to follow, I decided to do a Follow Tuesday Shout Out on my blog every single Tuesday. 


I will randomly pick 3 active bloggers from my follower list and post their blog name with a link as well as their blog description. If even one person connects with someone new due to my shout outs, it will all be worth of my time (and oh yeah, I can post Pinhead's pictures while at it, lucky me). 




Here we go:


Stacia in Progress:


"Sparkling water fanatic. Lover of random crap. Goodreads member curious to see if the grass really is greener on the other side."


Hadeer's Ranting:


"Awkward, shy, weird girl with strange, impulsive actions that makes me look ridiculous. Good thing i don't care, because living true to yourself is more important than fitting with the crowd."


Book Cottage:


"My Little Kitty Cave"