What the Dark Brings - Edward Lorn

If you like short short stories, you'll really like this collection. Short shorts are exceedingly hard to write, and Mr. Lorn seems to have a real knack for them.

This book has 22 stories crammed into 145 pages!

Lorn is primarily thought of as a horror writer, but the bulk of the stories to be found here are more quirky and bizarre, not so much out-and-out horror. There are some straight up horror pieces near the end (including the three bonus stories), but I enjoyed the somewhat lighter, funkier pieces more.

My favorites include:

"A Purchase of Titanic Proportions"*

"What the Dark Brings"

"He's Got Issues"*

"That Thing about a Picture and a Thousand Words"


"He Who Laughs Last"

"The Attraction"



"Come to Jesus Meeting"

Well, it seems I've listed nearly half the stories as favorites. That should tell you something.

*Great story

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